Privacy Policy

Flavour Factory recognizes the need to safeguard the information goods owned or controlled by it and the obligation to comply with the Greek and European legal and regulatory framework.

Security Policy is the data protection framework managed by Flavour Factory, providing guidance on how to organize and process the information. Security Policy is a set of rules that define how Flavour Factory manages and protects its Information Assets. These rules define the role of each involved within Flavour Factory, its responsibilities, responsibilities and duties.

As each society needs laws and guidelines / guidelines for security and orderly functioning, each business / organization needs a specific Security Policy to ensure the reliable, organized and efficient use of information resources.

The purpose of the Security Policy is the SECURE, RELIABLE AND UNIQUE provision of services and products to final customers or affiliates.

The objective of the Security Policy is to establish a framework of general information protection directives, the application of which ensures an acceptable level of security.

In addition, the goal is to restrict access to and use of computers, information systems, networks, electronic communications media and other relevant information tools used to store and process data, documents and software that Flavor Factory owns and uses the ultimate purpose of ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information and information goods.

The primary objectives of the Security Policy are also:
• Protection of Flavour Factory's information.
• Ensuring the trust of Flavor Factory customers.
• Ensuring compatibility with the Greek Legislative and Institutional Framework (Greek law).
• Defining security level and requirements.
• Establish mechanisms that support the identification and prevention of threats to Flavor Factory's information, as well as an effective response when threats occur.
• Defining the roles and responsibilities of our members in order to achieve the protection of information and information goods.
• Raise awareness of the risks that information and information systems run.
For this reason, Flavor Factory takes the necessary measures at a technical and organizational level to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information it processes.

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